Paper invitations are the norm. While digital mediums and robots continue to take over the world, there is something to be said about opening a highly anticipated piece of mail.

photo by Images by Amber Robinson

Paper invitations are tactile. You can feel the grain of the paper or the raw edges of deckling. Foil stamping and letterpress are pressed into cotton, enriching the experience and offering a luxurious adornment tied to a special event.

When creating my wedding invitation, I had already known I wanted to do something different. I considered letterpress and foil stamping, but it left me wanting more. While these processes are an enhancement over a flat printed invitation, I yearned to stand out even more…with my background as an invitation designer in the minds of my guests.

When couples come to me with these same feelings, I am happy to tell them that I know exactly what they are experiencing and have since learned some amazing methods and mediums to shake things up and create something remarkable and unexpected.

Don’t be afraid of color. I am passionate about good design with clear readability. I don’t often use pastels for this reason, despite the palette dominating the stationery market. Bold punches of color bring an impact and clarity your invitations. They highlight information that is important or create an atmosphere that defies the norm. If you want to think beyond inks, consider changing the color of the paper your invites are printed on. Black brings a bold elegance that will never tire, and because it’s the stark opposite of the typical white wedding, I love the mood it can bring to a wedding suite.

Go beyond paper. Non-traditional mediums get me FIRED up. I love when couples want to take a risk and create wedding invitations on wood or acrylic. I spend my spare time researching new ways to imprint mediums such as fabric, metal, and inlay resins…

Images by Amber Robinson | Raleigh Wedding Photographer | Kasey

Wooden Invitations

With over 20 varieties to choose from, there are so many ways that wooden invites stand out. They can be fragile, but SO worth the payoff. My wooden invitations are laser engraved, which means the design is essentially burned into the invitation itself. It will never fade, never smudge, and provides an invitation that people can’t help but touch. It’s perfect for woodland weddings, but with some of the colors, I can see it working for couples seeking industrial feels to soft garden romance (maybe whitewashing them?!).

victorian shaped wedding invitation in semi-frosted acrylic with vintage roses

Acrylic Invitations

I used to think acrylic was too modern for my personal taste. It wasn’t until I discovered the frosted and inlay varieties that I began getting hyped over acrylic requests. My acrylic invitations are also laser engraved, which means any shape is possible. Unlike wood, acrylic is very sturdy, perfect for cut outs in the design on narrow shape areas. The frosted varieties offer a sea glass feel, while the crystal clear type offers an ultra chic look mimicking glass. There are also premium inlay and textured acrylics that come in shedless glitter, preserved flowers and plants, and surfaces that look like quartz and marble.

an bold maroon and navy wedding invitation with a deckled edge in an acrylic frame

acrylic + raw edge combination invitation design

Metal Invitations

Stainless steel is the most popular metal invitation medium. There are color and finish varieties from brushed/satin to mirrored silver. Almost the entire rainbow of colors can be found in metals, with options to laser cut and etch designs. The most popular tones are the classic gold and silver, with copper on the upswing to satiate the rose-gold obsession of the late 2010’s. Metal gives off a strong masculine vibe, but could be paired with delicate inscriptions to bring an air of femininity if that is something you’re considering.

vintage botany wedding invitation in black velvet folio

Fabric Invitations

Silk and velvet folios dress up paper invitations and keep their components together, but I’ve also found a way to print invitations directly onto canvas fabric. This would be perfect for a boho feel wedding or even a Victorian-era mood. Because you don’t have to worry about their durability in the mail, there are also a lot of fun ways to package and present fabric invitations. From rolled scrolls to perfect handkerchief folds, the unboxing of a fabric invitation is always a gift.

circle wedding menus in plexi or acrylic material, laser engraved

Something else–

I’ve seen invitations on concrete, tequila bottles, and leather. I’ve helped create pockets, folios, and boxes, squares, circles, and starfish. If you have a wild and crazy idea, I want to help you create it. Your wedding day is the ultimate opportunity to express your personality and create a one-of-a-kind experience for your guests.

I can’t wait to hear the deep, dark desires of your heart and bring them to life.



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