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kasey kyprianou of revelry and heart custom design studio

Images by Amber Robinson | Raleigh Wedding Photographer | Beauty + Bordeaux

You know me, I’m a no b.s. Kinda girl. Blame the NYer in me, maybe it’s just because I have a lot of opinions. XD

You may also know by now that I hate the word “theme” because, well, it just seems kitschy and dated and not at all synonymous with a wedding.

Yet, I know this is what people use to describe the aesthetic of an event, and while I don’t agree with it completely, I’ll use it to boost my SEO, make it more understandable for any readers!

So you’re getting married! HOORAY!



You’ll be asked if you’ve set a date, how they asked, to see your ring, and then, something that has to do with the general look and feel of your wedding. How you choose this theme is important, you want something that’s comfortable (unless you dgaf), accessible, beautiful and romantic, amirite?

Okay great. So here’s what NOT to do.

  1. Go on the internet.
  2. Look at Bridal Magazines.

I hear you now, Um, did I miss something? Isn’t this why these things exist?

Okay, okay, fine, but you need a strategy. You don’t want to start searching “top wedding trends of 2018” or “best wedding theme” or “best wedding planning tools”. You also don’t want to start on the homepage of Pinterest. Or visit the Knot. Or WeddingWire, or any of these websites that have anything to do with weddings.

But Kasey, these are like, wedding planning meccas. How am I supposed to find stuff?

If you’re aiming for an authentic experience, you don’t need this commercial bullshit. You need to look at your story and how you got to where you are, in this moment of your life.

Did I just blow your mind? The secret to creating a wedding day that you’ll love for all time is to make it reflect you. You may think, “I’ve always loved rose gold.” False. The internet got to you, you didn’t even know what rose gold was until 2014.



Sit down and consider the following questions when thinking about the kind of personality you want your event to have. I always tell my couples to think of their wedding day as a person.

  • Where would they shop?
  • What do they wear?
  • What is their signature accessory?
  • What kind of accent do they have?
  • Where do they live?
  • Why do you call them, what do you love most about this person…er…wedding?

By framing your wedding this way, you cut out all the commercial bs and start to think about the core of your aesthetic (theme). You may want a Saks Fifth Avenue, pearls and diamonds, fur stole, English accent, Manhattanite wedding who just knows luxury, dahling. Or you may relate more to an Anthropologie, cardigan sweater, handmade crystal jewelry, a midwestern wholesome suburbanite who loves mashed potato bars and gives the best hugs.

Think about yourself- have you always loved animals? What is your favorite protagonist from a story; How would they plan a wedding? What’s your favorite place to unwind? Place to socialize? What’s your favorite season? Food? Restaurant?


I love to take these characteristics and help you wrap them into a signature package for your wedding aesthetic. While I have always done this in my custom wedding invitation design, I’ve just launched a new service, custom wedding aesthetic packages, where I’m beginning to work on custom design for those that crave personalized details, but still prefer to DIY their wedding details. 

See what you can create with a custom wedding aesthetic package

I believe wholeheartedly in incorporating you into this special day of your life. You can find a billion luxury/fall/beach weddings, but none of them have personality without the personalized details.



If you value the emotion, personal touches and celebrating every beautiful ounce of you on your wedding day, I’d love to chat.

xo, kasey


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