So many people are all caught up in what the latest wedding trends are. You can search the internet for YEARS worth of pins and top ten lists of the hautest things in weddings in 20XX.

Well, I’m over it. These are the anti-top-five. The 5 wedding trends that need to die in 2017.

images of bombshell pro and carolyna fontBombshell Pro or Carolyna

FONTS. Yep, I picked fonts first because I’m a designer and this is my job. Listen, I hear you. I used Bombshell on my own invitations back in 2015. You know how everyone hates on comic sans? These are the comic sans of weddings since then. I get it. You want whimsical but still want to nod formality. Everyone used this font on everything from menus, to invitations to sticker to address stamps, and I just can’t see it any more. As your designer, let me choose what I think will compliment the theme you are building. If you want suggestions that portray the same whimsical feel as Bombshell or Carolyna, try Rose of Baltimore and Bakery.

Rose Gold 

I have a love hate with this. It’s being used on everything and I don’t want to do it anymore. I love rose gold jewelry, but tablecloths and bridesmaids dresses and makeup are all being sold out by the rose gold trend and it’s going to turn into the brass of the 80’s in home decor.

An ugly 80's living room

Don’t do this to your wedding. photo from

While my love for rose gold hasn’t died off just yet, copper is my one true love. By using this metal, you’re able to make a bolder statement in color and feel. I’d also suggest mixing metals to try a new overall look that hasn’t been overused.


Watercolor everything

I know WONDERFUL talented watercolor artists. Their craft is beautiful and unique. But if I see one more watercolor floral invitation for a November wedding, I’m going to lose it. Please only use this look if you’re a spring wedding. If you’re a summer wedding, then get away from the floral and try watercolor fruits, vegetables (lemons anyone?!) or lush vegetation. But please don’t ask for a blush peony in January.

Rustic theme

Okay. let’s talk about this. I’m pretty sure you’re probably in agreement here that Pinterest has killed all barn weddings and mason jars forever. But some still want those two very things. I like to roll rustic into unexpected materials such as wooden invitations or hand painted details. Do use: handwritten accents, mismatched glassware, lace dresses, leather twine, textured frosting, canvas paintings with thick, rich brushstrokes, cloth napkins, garden roses in vases. Avoid: naked cakes, baby’s breath, burlap, hay bales, mason jars, cowboy boots.


Do you hate to read? Infographics appear in for marketing to display boring statistics in a visually appealing way. You are not boring. Instead of listing the date you met, the age of your dog and who said I love you first, tell your story as if you were writing the synopsis of your own love story through a novel.

When Grace met Jaimie, she was tying her shoe on the steps of the courthouse where she was a witness for her best friend’s elopment. She looked up and saw a figure who was equal parts handsome and tall but with a lock of hair out of place to convey that he was not perfectly polished and too sure of himself.

Not as poetic of a love story?


Grace met Jaimie after tripping on her shoelace on the courthouse steps that awaited her trial for speeding in a school zone. It WAS 4pm, and she was only doing 10..okay, 15 over. He had caught her from a surefire face plant, and she was sure his shirt was three sizes too big. When their gaze met, she forgot for about ½ a second that she was already late and admired his clean pores.

I personally find the second one more endearing because of it’s lack of perfection. Your wedding day is the beginning of your marriage, but not the beginning of your story, take the opportunity to reflect on your history as you write the next chapter.


Other things to watch out for being overused are marble, sequined tablecloths, instagram frames in makeshift photo booths, and macarons. Basically, if everyone is talking about it, don’t do it.

bride rides groom piggy back through farm field

How do you guarantee that you don’t fall victim to wedding trends and dating your wedding in years to come? Go the other way. Did you always have a love for watercolor, or did Pinterest hypnotize you? By weaving threads of your personality into your wedding, it will almost guarantee that you’ll never grow tired of it. You’ll look at your wedding photos with your kids and they’ll see that you may have laugh lines, but they are because dad has always been obsessed with the NY Yankees, and there were touches of pinstripes in your wedding cake frosting.

Don’t follow a theme for the sake of it being haute and in fashion at the time of your wedding. Tell your story and build your relationship on the foundation you know to be true to you.


xo, Kasey

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