I saw a post the other day on Stories though that got me thinking about how much weddings have pivoted over the last two years and wanted to share some of the ideas that are both pandemic friendly–hey, never say never to another global fucking pandemic–as well as inclusive of some other groups previously left out of the typical wedding fun.

Three ideas that are unexpectedly fun at your wedding reception:

A giant word search

This one took me by surprise and I’m not sure why because I had a scavenger hunt at my own wedding reception, but I never thought to display an activity where people could gather round and work together or separately on something like a word hunt. I’ve started creating these (they’re available in my etsy shop) and I actually love the result. The hilarious inside jokes and competitive nature that introverts celebrate when finding or submitting answers for this is really fun.

Wedding Word Search

I start with 50-100 words important to the couple (it could be anything from their pet’s name to vacations they’ve taken or nicknames for each other) and scramble them over a giant poster board. Then I make sure to include a word bank and all you have to do is provide some highlighters for the fun to begin. I’ve seen these used as guest books as well and there are some choice doodles that get added as the night gets darker… Overall it’s a really fun choice for couple with a more introverted or competitive crowd that want to do something different. They’re also really fun for a more relaxed and passive bridal shower game, if you’re looking for that sort of thing.

Spice up your photobooth

female hands fan out conversation cards for wedding guest messages in photo guestbook
While the obvious answer to photobooth enhancements might be the machine itself (have you seen slo-mo video booths?!) or props, you can also add on a sentimental aspect if you’re using your photos as part of a guest book. These conversation cards leave your guests with more options than just stating “congrats we love you!” written a hundred times over 25 pages of drunken kissy faces. The cards have questions like “what was your favorite part of today?” and “where do you see us in 5 years?” that provide a deeper look into memories and impressions you’ve made on your guests and a really sweet thing to read over the years.

A private last dance

Couple enjoys a private last dance at the end of their wedding reception
This is something that definitely took me by surprise, but I seriously love it. A first look and “closing time” might be great, but something I hear so many couples reiterate to future couples is to take moments for yourselves during the course of the day to absorb and this is a perfect opportunity to do that. After everyone has left your reception space, ask your DJ to play you one final song to dance to with your sweetheart to reflect on your favorite parts of the day and soak up that last bit of cloud 9. The day goes SO fast and this is a great opportunity to make sure you’ve slowed down and really experienced each other among the chaos.

Want more ideas? Curious as to what kind of wedding you should have? Take my romance style quiz to make your wedding day match your personality.

What other ideas have you seen recently that you would like to incorporate into your reception? Leave a comment below and I’d love to share them!

xo, kasey

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