Your logo doesn’t matter.

So many people come to me after seeing the creative work I do in the wedding industry, fully embracing couples personalities through design, and want me to design for their businesses.

I have turned down countless logo requests over the years–but branding is at the core of my nature, it’s everything to me, so why would I say no to what seems to be the launching pad of a brand?

Because you’re putting WAY too much emphasis on a tiny piece of art that by itself, is absolutely meaningless to a client.

Think of the big brands, Pepsi, Nike, Google. Do you see them making their logo the most prominent identifier of their business or making billboard signs with just their iconic stamp? Of course not, because half of them are words or shapes that carry absolutely no meaning to someone who doesn’t know their brand.

But think of your fellow small business owners, their logos are elaborate as hell right? They’ve put SO much emphasis on this mark representing their business that they’ve crammed way too many things in there or made it look like 500 similar businesses in their market because they’re focused on the wrong things.

Neither of these are a way to get your brand noticed. You will not stand out with a great logo.

The way you stand out is by relating to people on an emotional and human level.

small business logo and brand design by revelry and heart, custom logo design

While brainstorming, words like “adventure” “wild”  and “rich”  came up in our conversations.

The work I do in weddings is highly personal and emotional. It’s an experience that is recognized as monumental in people’s lives. They come to me when the predesigned templates are void of personality–they look nice, sure, but my couples crave more representation of themselves beyond what’s possible in a template.

Revelry + heart | JP Lord Photography Branding | Logo Design by revelry + heart

Tracing Justyn’s tattoos, we know there may be other peonies, but there will never be HER peonies, and that is special.

You offer a product or service, but do you know what makes you different? Why are people choosing to work with you over someone else? If price is the answer, than you’re not doing your job. You should be able to point out value besides a lower price point. And tbh, I don’t know how you’re still running a successful business if you’re consistently the lowest bid on a job.

Revelry + heart | JP Lord Photography Branding | Logo Design by revelry + heart

Is your font legal to use commercially? Good designers won’t let you commit copyright infringement by branding you with a font you can’t use.

You can stand out by showcasing the values of your business and why you started it to begin with. Most small business owners have work they LOVE to do, but take on other jobs to make ends meet–I totally respect that, but what are you doing to attract those client you love and their similar tribe of people to you?
Revelry + heart | JP Lord Photography Branding | Logo Design by revelry + heart

Revelry + heart | JP Lord Photography Branding | Logo Design by revelry + heart

Great logo design incorporates elements that are both pleasing to the eye as well as displaying your business values. JP Lord Photography is known for their capture of wild love, seeking adventurous people and modern style in all of their work.


Maybe you’re a one-[wo]man show. This can be an asset! You can take everything about your personality and make that your business personality. My guess is you like to work with people like yourself, right? If you’re a dog person, you like dog people over cat people, if you’re a mom, you like helping other moms– this isn’t the same as refusing to work with people who are different than you, but you’ve found a human connection to those who are, and it lights you up.

I am not for everyone. In fact, I’m convinced there isn’t anyone as weird as I am, but I am astonished over and over again when couples come to me because of a small thing I shared about myself that they felt connected to. We live in a world where people put up walls and barriers to their personalities in order to appear more professional or be accepted by the masses–but you’re really just whitewashing yourself into the noise.

Being different and vulnerable creates recognition and connection.

If you take all this information and apply it to your business, it’s easy to see why one icon is not going to do it. The way you present yourself in person, the way you dress, style your hair, speak to others, the way your voice comes across, the way you type emails and ultimately your work, is what brings you into focus.

So get that $5 logo. But when you really want to start thinking about how to bring your personality to your brand, I’d love to consult with you to suggest visual items to use to communicate that to others. We can even work together on a new logo as part of a rebrand, and I’ll tell you now–it’s worth more than $5.

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