My business is built on relationships-

personal relationships with my couples and quality relationships with my printers, I find the best solution for each client to make sure the things that are important to them stand out. I’m based in Raleigh, North Carolina and have partners across the globe to source the best print methods or the unique processes my clients request.

I am not uptight about my work, I create to make my clients happy and listen to all of couples’ ideas and critiques of proofs before making edits. You can be honest with me and trust that I take your comments seriously.

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I value the little things.

(because I am one)

Being from New York, I was raised with a grandmother who dressed in lavish mink coats for the dinner theatre and amethysts on her neck and fingers the size of Staedtler erasers.

But she told me something as I grew up that resonated,

“Good things come in small packages.”

I thought about things I treasured–the tiny details of the inscription on the locket from my dad, the slender ballerina that spun inside my music box, and the drawings in my journal that would document my accomplishments, I realized her insight.

Each piece of mail I send, I try and make it a joy to open. Holiday cards at Christmas, birthday cards for friends & family, and of course, every single client piece I design.

My grandmother is right. It’s the small details in the piece that matter. The heart behind the image. Plus, we’re both ladies that are, at our tallest, five-foot-zero.

I get lost in good stories.

Library shelves engulf me. As a child, I’d spend hours reading in nooks of the library near my home, checking out more books than I could carry. I look through train cars, traffic on the highway, people in the park and think, “what is their story? who made them? where have they been?” My favorite books are dystopian young adult series like Uglies by Scott Westerfeld. Growing up, I was all about Ramona and Meg Cabot. I also never read a book twice.

What is your story? How are you telling it?


I'm passionate about relationships.

(aka I love love)

Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind is my favorite indie flick. The Notebook is blockbuster brilliance. Both of these films highlight lovers overcoming adversity. I’m emotional as hell. Old people, holiday commercials, The Brave Little Toaster, and even Masterchef Junior make me cry. Naturally, I am drawn to create exceptional designs for clients seeking a unique way to express the emotion they feel in their life’s remarkable moments.

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