Assorted custom gifts by revelry + heart under a Christmas Tree


gifts for people that are impossible to shop for!

it’s the holiday season and each year I struggle to find gifts that are generic enough for my whole family (who has time for 15 individual gifts this time of year?) while also not feeling stoic.

I’ve done fudge, candles, wine–but I needed to step up my game. 

Introducing: actually good ideas from your creative best friend!
Wine bottle with custom label that features a message to the recipient
First up: Wine. 

Okay, I know I said wine was #basic, but it IS a crowd pleaser. And just because it’s basic doesn’t mean it can’t be personalized. Get you some custom labels with a little love letter on each one, and I guarantee it’ll stand out. Just a small upgrade to a gift that makes it more sentimental.

Srt print featuring "best Day Ever" and date formatted for the gift recipient - features watercolor roses and green ink washes
Gift idea #2:

A special date print. These prints are available in 5×7 or 8×10 and come personalized and ready to frame. Whether it’s a wedding date, the birth of a baby, or the day you closed and got the keys to your first home, the moment deserves to be remembered all year long. 

Custom art print created with surname of recipient and location of choice, name frames the map location so you can see the destination in the outline of the lettersGift Idea #3.

Custom map prints. These were like hotcakes last year, I couldn’t make enough of them! People chose their last name, or HOME if they had a mixed family. Some even chose LOVE. You tell me the place and I’ll create a special print just for you ready to frame and hang on your gallery wall. Ideas include where you’re from, where you honeymooned, where your proposal happened–it’s perfect for newlyweds with a wedding location or a new homeowner with their new address. 

Map print in a drop zone surrounded by other family mementos, coats and entryway signage

Photo courtesy of Images by Amber Robinson

Art print with message spaces fo fill in the blank notes to your loved one. Features messages like "thank you today for:" "I love you today because"Gift Idea #4

Love affirmation cards. These prints are for those who like to get a love note each morning. Simply fill in the blanks and tell your partner how much you love them. I use a sharpie marker on mine (rubbing alcohol wipes clear off yesterday’s ink) but dry erase pens work too. The most popular size is 4×6 for a nightstand or bedroom dresser, but I can make them any size!

Gift Idea #5

Recipe books. This is what I’m creating for my own family this year, gather your family favorites and share the recipes you want to pass down over generations. Make it personal with family photos and special memories (like your holiday traditions!) and you’re sure to shine as a gift giver this year.
Inside of the card features a message from a gift giver with mad libs scenarios completesrevelry and heart's custom greeting card mad libs style to ensure a great message is crafted inside your card
Bonus item:
The everything-you’ve-always-wanted-card. I created this card because my husband can’t write cards for shit and I love the message inside of greeting cards more than the card itself. This mad-lib style card will ensure you write a sentimental (or hilarious!) message to your loved one for their gift whether it’s for their birthday, your anniversary or another occasion.
Kasey sits inside a coffee shop sketching images of planes, and maps for a custom commissioned pieceAnd of course, maybe you need to think outside of the box and work with me to create something else? We’ve created commissioned pieces on wood of scenes important to my clients, personalized journals, acrylic holiday ornaments, custom art prints of quotes or family values–if you’re not finding something that speaks as the perfect gift for someone, we’d love to create something with you that is!

To order one of these items or start a new project with us, contact kasey here.

Happy Holidays!

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