15 Things I Believe at revelry + heart

  1. Authenticity

Showcasing every imperfect and quirky detail of what make you unique. I believe in crafting designs to you rather than adapting your needs to designs.

  1. Remarkability

Be the most outstanding version of yourself. In my stationery designs, I push the envelope (see what I did there?) to set the tone of momentous moments in my client’s lives. Big or small, I believe invitations set the tone for your celebratory event.

  1. Celebrating every moment.

Every exciting moment in your life should all be celebrated with cake and champagne. Whether it’s buying your first home, potty-training your toddler, or getting past teething with your new puppy, there is always a reason to celebrate life.

  1. Great relationships with clients

Your experience has a direct correlation to the overall outcome of a project. When planning my wedding, I valued the planning process as much as the final result and performance from each vendor on my wedding day. There are vendors that I would recommend wholeheartedly and those that did not meet my expectations. 

  1.  Emotion

Harness all of the emotions that come from big changes in life. Whether they are positive or negative, I think your feelings throughout the process play a critical role in your emotional state on your big day, and support venting, drinking wine, and crying whenever necessary.

bride rides groom piggy back through farm field

  1. Timeless design

I don’t do trendy. I never have. I can’t keep up with fashion and it applies to my wardrobe as well as wedding trends. I base each of my designs off of your personality so that you love it now and also in 50 years. When you base your wedding around something that you hold dear, you never risk looking like a typical bride that got married during an obvious trend such as puffy-sleeved 80’s or rose-gold 2000’s. (more thoughts on wedding trends here).

  1. Working in your best interest

I will not push you to do anything you do not want to do for your designs, but I will offer insight on standard operating procedures and invitation etiquette if that is important to you. I will help you navigate your stationery budget and won’t steer you in a direction that would be unattainable with the information you share with me.

  1. The best materials and people for the job

I source multiple event partners to find the right fit for each client. In my network I have wedding planners, wood-workers, laser engravers, and enthusiastic willing-to-try-whatever-you-dream-uppers. I always use the best materials available for the job and oversee each step of the process to ensure your (as well as my own!) expectations are met.

  1. Happy Mail

In a digital society, my work stands out among coupon booklets and credit card offers every time it arrives in a mailbox. I love that feeling you get when an invitation arrives, and I love sharing that with others.

  1.  Invitations set the tone for your event

If you de-prioritize invitations, you do yourself a disservice to express how momentous your excitement is for your big day. Fast and cheap are not part of my service, as I believe in the value of professional design, quality materials and time-tested methods to properly represent you and your wedding, mitzvah, or milestone.

pocket invitation with vintage botany detail and geometric insert cards

  1. Working with someone you trust

The event industry is full of people who devote their professional lives and skills to creating the best possible experience for their clients. There are also those who have fallen out of love with their specialty and don’t value you as much as they should. I think you should talk to as many people as necessary to find your match in stationery, photography, or other aspect of planning. If I don’t think taking you on as a client will serve your best interest, I may recommend someone who will match your needs better.

  1. Consistent design to establish a brand for your event

It makes my heart pitter-patter when brides come back to me after designing invitations to create day-of decor. Together, we carry your custom design to include pieces like menus, programs, signage and even inspiration for ice sculptures, dessert and favor tables. Sometimes I see an opportunity to hire an event partner I have a relationship with to elevate your vision to another level. Whether pulled together by a consistent design or mismatched pieces throughout your event, when everything comes from the same source, it feels well-planned, intentional and thoughtful.

  1. Honest feedback

Throughout the planning and creation process I ask all of my clients for their thoughts, opinions and feedback. It’s critical that you provide me with as much information as possible (I promise, it’s NEVER too much!) so that I may deliver my best work.  Even after we have finished our project together, I ask for your participation in future client’s experience by providing testimonials, highlights and suggestions on how I can improve.

  1. Setbacks and challenges create a better result

If I could create stellar work on my own, I wouldn’t run a custom design studio. If I created designs that client’s loved the first time, every time, I’d feel underwhelmed and grow bored. By working together, I believe we create better designs. By sending duds, we find details to showcase. Just like in life, I think overcoming rough patches leaves us with strengths we didn’t know we had and badges of honor.

  1. Embracing differences

Not everyone is going to have a stationery budget for custom work. I don’t think someone should prioritize pretty paper over good food, great music or a dream venue. As a guest, these are very important things in terms of overall experience. I believe in finding those who are like-minded in believing some/all of the things stated here, but also embrace those who challenge me in them and create an opportunity for me to rethink my approach.



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