In my studio I love to celebrate couples that are seeking ways to stand out. We often work with clients to help them discover unique traits about themselves that they hadn’t considered incorporating into their wedding design.

Many don’t know how to embrace their personality visually, and when merging styles with another person, it can be tricky to find a vibe that celebrates who you are individually and together.

Luckily, this is exactly what I love to do–and the outcome is that you have an amazingly unique result for every couple. It’s not trendy, but it will never be dated or oversold, because it is who you are, and that is something very special.

Step one:

  1. Find your identity – Are you anxious during engagement?

It’s important to note you’re not losing your identity, just evolving. Many women feel anxious that they are losing themselves when they become a wife. But our identity is not just the roles we play–it’s what we love, what we stand for and who we share our lives with. Trust that the universe has brought you to this person because of who you are, not what you do for them.

You don’t have to give up on things just because you’re married. You can still do the things you love, and trust that your partner fell in love with you because of these things, not in spite of them.

Tune out the noise–ignore the “industry” and revisit what you love and what has always captivated you. First–identify your values. (Do you see yourself as a power-woman, a family-first, somewhere between the two) Next, look at your style — Do you know your overall aesthetic in design? Look at your home, the stores you shop at, the movies you love. My romance style quiz is built to help you identify your style and curates a pinterest board based on your answers!

peace out, overwhelm.

One of the best ways to relieve wedding anxiety is to make all those decisions easier. Our wedding aesthetic workbook provides a roadmap to your wedding style and guides you to:

a. find your vibe and

b. plan the best wedding ever. 

This guide helps you find ways to visually convey your personality as a couple via design. We believe in following hearts, not trends, and the workbook shows you what to focus on.

do you want wedding planning to be fun?

Step two:

  1. Embrace your identity-Be a Disco Ball!

Find elements that radiate the energy you love. Incorporate it into traditionally stale spaces–table names, guest books, unity ceremony can all be personalized.

Invitations! These are the first impression of the wedding and can be a valuable tool to reference as you continue to plan. Can always refer back to colors, mood and style if you’re stuck on a particular wedding decision–and if you create your invitations with a designer, you know you’ve done the research and digging to pick what fits you and your aesthetic. 

navy blue wedding invitation with gold foil imprinting - features vintage inspired design with ornate embellishments and typography. Invitation is wrapped in gold doily.

Think outside the box–the best way to be unique and different from the “Expected” is to personalize everything–not just slapping your name on things, but approaching it from a way that feels like “you.” 

Name your signature drink after your dog or the street where you live. Use illustrations from your favorite books on your table numbers, hide easter egg illustrations in your calligraphy, use your favorite disney movie music as an overture to cocktail hour, play your parents’ wedding song before your ceremony begins.

Journal Prompt:

Think of the best wedding you’ve ever been to. Or dream on up.
1. What was your favorite part?

2.Pick one word that describes how their wedding made you feel:

3. What made a lasting impact on you as a guest?

What you remember and made an impact, how did that thing impact make you feel? That’s what you should be incorporating into your wedding. You said you loved the flowers, did you ask what they were? Did you portion out a good budget for flowers?

This is your design identity. Your aesthetic. Your vibe. You’ll never grow tired of it. It’ll never be oversold. This is you.

Step Three

Celebrate this newfound identity! – Use it to make your mark on your wedding, but also after the day is done.

Here’s an example: custom address stamp are something I have gifted my couples and I’ve used myself over the years–makes thank you cards easy, but also holiday cards and a way to make bills feel more fun.

But design is more than just surface value. By finding your aesthetic, sure, you’ll be able to easily identify what works for your throw pillows on your couch, but unexpected benefits spill into decisions like parenting techniques or holiday gifts as you identify what aligns with your values.

kasey holds dog in revelry and heart studio with floral wallpaperAbout kasey:

My studio is revelry and heart, where I design statement invitations and keepsake art that radiates personality and emotion. I’m a maximalist. I am the person who keeps rocks from a hike and imprinted paper towels from restaurant bathrooms — not because of the value of these items, but because it was the feeling when I got to hike to the Hollywood sign or the taste of dessert on the first date with my husband. I believe in capturing this essence and creating the conversation–people are going to talk about your wedding no matter what. Let’s give them something to talk about. 

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