Don’t have shitty wedding favors: What guests love

  Let's talk wedding favors. Should you have food? Trinkets? Are we still doing koozies?  Pop in some headphones and listen to what Kasey of revelry + heart has to share about how to have wedding favors that guests love. Have anything to add? Leave it in the...

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Top 10 biggest wedding regrets couples have

They say hindsight is 20-20. We’ve worked with couples 2 years before their wedding and after first and second anniversaries, after babies and holiday cards, moves into new places and more. We hear all the struggles before and after the wedding day, from not finding...

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How NOT to pick a wedding theme

  You know me, I’m a no b.s. Kinda girl. Blame the NYer in me, maybe it’s just because I have a lot of opinions. XD You may also know by now that I hate the word “theme” because, well, it just seems kitschy and dated and not at all synonymous with a wedding. Yet,...

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What decorations do you need for a wedding reception?

Day of decor. Stop right there. If you are here and you haven’t yet started thinking about your invitations get out. Seriously, hit that back button. This information is just going to overwhelm you (another reason to hire a personal designer--less stress!) and you’ve...

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The Ultimate Greeting Card

Hands up if you love getting cards for your birthday, anniversary and Valentine's Day! 🙋 Both hands up if you have a significant other who has no idea how to actually pick a card for you and what to write in it!! 🙌 The ultimate card is here to save the day. I created...

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Looking for something other than wedding stationery?

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