Why Engagement Is NOT the Happiest Time of Your Life | Guest Post by Alycia Curtis of Wedshock

Alycia Curtis is the no bs founder of Wedshock, a website that gives the real deal on what it’s like to be engaged and married. After the flowers die and the music ends, you’re left staring at a person who you may have only discussed planning a big party with over most dinner conversations for the last two years. Its weird, but you’re not alone. Join the rest of us who are navigating the waters of newlywed life, even when it’s not all bliss.

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Quiz: What romance style are you?

Everyone wants their wedding to be romantic…What does that mean to you? Use this quiz to find out if you’re a classic, old-world, exotic, modern or whimsical romantic.

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Looking for something other than wedding stationery?

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